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OC Silver Lining
After a while of thinking, i decided to create my own pony OC. And here he is: Silver Lining!

Here are his characteristics:

Name: Silver Lining
Gender: Male
Species: Pegasus
Sexual orientation: Bisexual
Likes: His family and friends, hayburgers, his pet goose Howard, listen to rock music
Dislikes: Bullies, reading books, chaotic ponies (and Discord on that note), being insecure

Born in Fillydelphia, Silvers parents had to move early to Canterlot due to his father getting a job as a Royal Guard, just like his father before him. Silver wanted to become a Royel Guard as well, but he failed after multiple tries. He's currently working as a delivery pony, not his proudest job, but he can earn some money with it.
He discovered his bisexuality back when he was a colt back in school. He fell in love with a filly, who turned out to be a colt in a drag. But this taught him an important lession: Gender doesn't matter, it's the pony itself that you love.
He's a nice guy, caring for others, and he helps others to see the silver linings on the horizon. (Kinda cheap inspiration for his name i know, but hey don't judge me! You're not my mother!^^)

If you've got any questions, just ask. No need to be shy^^
(Created with Pony Creator Full Version)
Pink Elephants (1937)
Some different pink elephants this time^^

A 1937 Terrytoon short, "Pink Elephants" centers on a goat getting drunk, comes home and soon his owner has to deal with a bunch of pink playful elephants.
How can he see them without being drunk? Cartoon magic!

I like the pacing and the style, the elephants look so adorable. A classic that can be overlooked very easy.

Here's the full video, if you want to see it in full length:…

1300 Pageviews?!?

Thank you guys. A lot of views for someone who barely posts anything, more than i imagined.
I'm on Da now for two years, and i posted 16 Deviations and earned 9 watchers over this time. Pretty good for a talentless doofus like me, huh?
Jokes aside, thank you for your views and i hope to keep you interested.

Have a nice day!Heart 
So...Pokémon Sun and Moon are finally released! ...In North America...and in Asia...and in Australia...and in South Korea...
But we in Europe...nope! We have to wait 5 more days till the offical release... Why Nintendo?!? Why?!? :'(

I know you need to convert from NTSC to PAL, but that can't be that hard and lengthy, right?
What pisses me off the most is that some german Youtubers already got a copy of the game to make Lets Play content, send to them by Nintendo. The game is finished!! Release it for the entire audience Nintendo!

I see videos and pictures of people playing this game all over the internet right now. And...we in Europe are left out. This sucks!
I'm normally not a whining guy, but other companies are able to release a game worldwide without leaving out a country or an entire continent! Get your s*** together Nintendo!

Sorry for the angry post, but some things are just...not right.

Do you have the game already? Is it good? And spoilers for the europeans out there.

Have a nice day!


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Please be nice and have a nice day!


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